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More On Male Private Part Sizes

It is hard to find people who are exactly the same because we are all created differently having unique properties from others. It is important for each person to appreciate themselves the way they are and also respect and appreciate others. The topic surrounding what the average size of a male private part is has been debated for a very long time and many legends and theories developed. Different legends suggest that various physical properties such as the size of feet, hands and other body parts indicate whether a man has a big or small male private part. It is not easy to be sure whether these legends are actually true or false although most of the suggestions do not prove to be true.

Legends have also said that the race could be used to determine the size although this cannot be confirmed to either be correct or false. Some researchers have conducted surveys and studies that aim at finding the normal size of the male private part. The studies cannot be proved beyond doubt that they are accurate due to various factors including letting the person measure the size themselves. It is common for people having smaller sizes to refuse to be involved in surveys thereby making the surveys not as effective and accurate. Mostly the men who participate in such studies are those with medium or large sizes and have no issue showing them to others. It is also possible for the person to indicate wrong readings by giving higher measurements.

If most of the studies are correct then the average size of a male private part is around five to seven inches but this cannot be confirmed. There are many men with male private part sizes way below and above the suggested average male private part size making it hard to prove. When women were questioned regarding the size of male private part they would prefer, most said that they like bigger sizes. While the figures show that bigger sizes are preferred by most women, there are those who prefer much bigger and others prefer much smaller sizes. Usually men with bigger sizes would not mind showing off their organs and are not embarrassed.

It is possible to know whether the size is small, average or above average by various ways like whether the condom fits properly. If the woman does not feel satisfied even after penetration it is likely that the size is small. Those wishing to increase the sizes may find safe methods that use natural ways to enhance the size. The person may be advised to undertake specific exercises and take certain dishes for increased sizes. Although the size could be increased through safe methods it would be better to appreciate themselves and others just the way they are.

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